Airport Facilities

backarrowHow to keep Entertained while waiting for your flight

While flying to other places is exciting, there is something people hate about waiting at the airport. It could be boring if you are alone but there are actually a lot of things you can do while waiting for your flight. Whether you are just waiting for boarding time, experiencing flight delays or at worse cancellations, make the most of the time. Mactan Cebu International Airport, being the second largest gateway in the Philippines, provides a lot of options.

Try Your Luck at the Casino Filipino

Just across the departure terminal of the airport is Casino Filipino located at the Waterfront Hotel. There are slot machines and table games including Black Jack, Stud Poker, Roulette and Baccarat. Most nights there are mini concerts at the casino to entertain its guests. Café Fortuna also serves delicious seafood to hungry gamers.

Take a quick dip at Waterfront Hotel’s Pool Aquarius

At the lobby level of the Waterfront Hotel is the hotel’s swimming pool that’s just perfect for a quick and refreshing dip. This is where the poolside Veranda Bar is also located which serves filling snacks and refreshing drinks while enjoying the cool breeze.

Go on a food trip

There are a lot of new food to try at the pre-departure area especially for those who are not from Cebu or the Philippines. Zubuchon, for one, gives you a taste of the famous Cebu lechon albeit cooked a different way from the traditional method. Try a Filipino snack of hot native chocolate, puto (sticky rice) and sweet ripe mango at the Tablea Chocolate Café. Tubo Cane Juice offers different freshly pressed sugar cane juice concoctions while Bo”s Cofee has various coffee variants sourced from all over the Philippines.

Go shopping for souvenirs

Right at the airport are several shops selling Cebu souvenirs. From the bulky popular Cebu guitars to the smallest puso keychain, you will never be left wanting as these stalls have prepared bestselling souvenirs that visitors look for. I Love Cebu shirts are available at the Fiesta store. Though their prices are a little higher than in the department or outlet stores, the airport shops are perfect for last minute shopping or for those who dare not leave the airport to shop.

Get a massage

There is a massage center at the pre-departure area with female masseurs where you can get a relaxing and stress-relieving massage.

Read a Book

If you did not bring a good book with you, there is a shop at the airport that sells books and magazines. A lot of things may get in the way to reading when you are at home but when you get a lot of time at the airport, it is a good time to sit and read.

Take Pictures

If photography is your thing, there are a lot of interesting scenes at the airport worth taking a photo of. Departing planes, interesting characters, colorful products are just some that you should point your camera at. Take selfies while you are at it.