Airport Policies

Dangerous Goods Policy

Customs Policies

Rights as an airline Passenger

Dangerous Goods Prohibited On Flight

  • Disabling devices and materials, tasers, electroshock weapons, gases and sprays
  • Radioactive and corrosive materials
  • Infectious and toxic materials
  • Sharp and pointed power tools
  • Explosives and compressed gases
  • Flammable substances, liquids and paints
  • Combustible and self-reactive items
  • Oxidizing materials, bleaches and organic peroxides
  • Lithium, wet batteries

Items For Check–In Baggage Only

  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Pointed, sharp, bladed objects
  • Stunning devices and items that discharge projectiles
  • Adhesive tapes and handcuffs
  • Workers tools
  • Manicure sets
  • Furby toys
  • Sports equipment, blunt instruments
  • Mobility aids
  • Liquids, Aerosols and Gels in excess of 100ml

Items For Carry-On Baggage Only

  • Loose, spare lithium batteries 160 WH or less
  • e-Cigarattes
  • Fuel cells
  • Batteries for mobility aids

Customs Policies

About Customs Department

Customs is an authority or agency in a country responsible for collecting and safeguarding customs duties and for controlling the flow of goods including animals, transports, personal effects and hazardous items in and out of a country.

Clearance Channels

The baggage section at the Mactan Cebu Airport consists of five counters for clearance.

Remember: Non -declaration or wrongful declaration of the taxable goods may attract confiscation of goods, fine or penalty. Serious offences like attempting to smuggle Gold without declaration may lead to arrest and prosecution. The Bureau of Customs has specified a list of items, including the size that can now be imported duty-free as part of the baggage.

Please visit the official website of Bureau of Customs: and for more detailed information.

Upon purchase of ticket and upon arrival at the airport

Based on Joint DOTC-DTI Admin. Order No. 01 or the Air Passenger Bill of Rights

Major Rights of an Air Passenger

  • Right to be provided with accurate information before purchase
  • Right to receive the full value of the service purchased
  • Right to compensation

Right To Receive The Full Value Of The Service Purchased

Right To Receive The Full Value Of The Service Purchased

A passenger shall not be considered late or a no-show, and shall not be denied check-in if he or she is within the air carrier’s cordoned or other designated check-in area at least one (1) hour before the published Estimated Time of Departure (ETD), or within the prescribed time set by the air carrier.

Right to Sufficient Processing Time

International Rights

Check-in counters in international airports and in other airports designated by the DOTC must be open at least two (2) hours before the (ETD).

Flights Nearing Check-In Deadline

A separate dedicated counter must be opened for a flight nearing check-in deadline to facilitate the checking in of passengers at least one (1) hour before the published ETD.

Priority Lane For PWDs

There must be at least one (1) check-in counter which will prioritize PWDs, senior citizens, and persons requiring special assistance or handling, if practicable.

FOR ALL OTHER AIRPORTS, check-in counters must be open at least one (1) hour before the ETD.

Right to Board Aircraft for the Purpose of Flight

General Rule:

A passenger cannot be denied the right to board the aircraft without his consent.

Incase of Overbooking:

The airline/air carrier must look for volunteers willing to give up their seats.

If the number of volunteers is not enough, the air carrier shall increase the compensation package until the required number of volunteers is met.

This is known as the “auction system.”

Right To Compensation

Right to Compensation and Amenities in Case of Cancellation of Flight

Situations of Cancellation

Rights of Passengers

Cancellation at least 24 hours before the ETD, attributable to the air carrier

  • To be notified beforehand of the fact of cancellation
  • Rebook or reimburse the passenger, at the option of the latter

Cancellation less than 24 hours before the ETD, attributable to the air carrier

  • To be notified beforehand of the fact of cancellation
  • To amenities*
  • To be reimbursed of the value of the fare, taxes and surcharges, and other optional fees
  • To be endorsed to another air carrier without paying any fare difference
  • To rebook the ticket without additional charge

Cancellation due to other causes (i.e. force majeure, safety and/or security reasons)

  • To be reimbursed of the full value of the fare

*AMENITIES may include food and drinks, hotel accommodations, etc.

Right to Compensation and Amenities
in Case of Flight Delay and Exceptions Thereto.

Hours of Delay

Rights of Passengers

Terminal delay of at least three (3) hours after the ETD, whether or not such is attributable to the carrier.

  • To avail of refreshments or meals
  • To free phone calls, text or e-mails, and first aid, if necessary
  • To rebook or refund his/her ticket
  • To be endorsed to another carrier

Terminal Delay of at least six (6) hours after the ETD for causes attributable to the carrier

  • To consider the flight cancelled for the purpose of availing the rights and amenities provided for in case of actual cancellation
  • Additional compensation equivalent to at least the value of the sector delayed
  • To board the flight if it takes place more than six (6) hours after the ETD and the affected passenger has not opted to rebook and/or refund.

Tarmac Delay of at least two (2) hours after the ETD

  • To sufficient food and beverage

Right to Compensation for Delayed, Lost, and Damaged Baggage

The Passenger Has The Right To:
  • Be informed of the fact of off-loading
  • Php2,000 compensation to the passenger for every twenty-four (24) hours of delay
  • Refund of checked baggage fees if the baggage was not delivered within twenty-four (24) hours from the rrival of flight
  • If the baggage is lost or if it suffered any damage:

For International Flights:The relevant convention shall apply.

For Domestic Flights:The passenger has the right to a maximum amount equivalent to half of the
amount in the relevant convention (for international flights) in its Peso equivalent

Presumption Of Loss:
  • If after a period of seven (7) days from when the passenger or consignee should have received the baggage and it is not delivered, it is presumed lost.

Right to Compensation in Case of Death or Bodily Injury of a Passenger

For International Flights
  • The relevant convention and inter-carrier agreements apply
For Domestic Flights
  • Compensation will be based on the stipulated amount in the relevant convention which governs international flights

Right to Immediate Payment of Compensation

Payment Must Be Available To The Affected Passenger:
  • at the air carrier’s counters at the airport on the date when the incident occurred, or
  • at the main office or any branch of the air carrier, at the discretion of the passenger.
  • By tendering a check, or
  • Cash, or
  • The document necessary to claim the compensation or benefits. The document shall be convertible to cash within fifteen (15) days from the date when the occasion occurred.