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Souvenirs & Gifting

Airport Pasalubong Center

Grab your local delicacies and souvenirs such as chicharon, dried fruit, key chains and guitars from Airport Pasalubong Center.

Location: T1 Domestic North Wing Check-in

Atin Ito Pasalubong

Guido Ylaya Corporation (GYC), formerly known as Christian Ventures Trading, was established in 1995. Our mission is to gather, distribute, and make available to everybody the finest Filipino products and delicacies. We are committed to support all the different regions of the Philippines through patronizing and promoting our unique Filipino culture. Our convenience stores, which mainly consist of locally made products, are one-stop-shops for travelers both foreign and local. They will be able to find everything that they might possibly need from souvenirs, pasalubong items and other essential necessities that they might need to make their travels more comfortable. Throughout the years, we have acquired the expertise in finding unique handicrafts/souvenirs and Filipino delicacies with the best quality. We believe that as Filipinos, we have a unique and diverse culture. It is our vision to promulgate this culture through showcasing various Filipino products which we could be proud of. Our company objective is to provide excellent and professional customer service in all our endeavors in accordance to Christian

Location: T1 Domestic North Wing Departure

Ceburiffic Pasalubong Center

We are in the business of selling locally sourced Pasalubong products for more than forty years now and we pride ourselves in delivering products which our customers patronize. These products include Shamrock Otap, 7D Dried Mangoes, VJandep Pastel, Bohol Peanut Kisses, Titay Rosquillos and among others. We commit to be a One Stop Shop for our Customers Pasalubong needs so they too can experience and "Bring Home the Taste of Cebu.

Location: T1 Domestic South Wing Pre Terminal

District Fiesta

District Fiesta is a modern souvenir concept showcasing the best Filipino delicacies, crafts and design objects.

Location: T1 Domestic South Wing Pre Terminal,T1 Domestic South Wing Pre-Departure

Duty Free Philippines

Enjoy premium shopping with some of the world's most recognized brands. The airport duty free shop provides excellent gift options for the international traveler and retuning Overseas Filipino Workers. Shop the latest fashion and accessories from Tumi, Bally, and Lacoste, cosmetics from Dior, Lancome, Clarins, Shiseido, Estee Lauder, and Clinique, and the world's most renowned liquor, tobacco, and confectionery brands.

Location: T1 Domestic Airport Village (Arrival)

Islands Souvenirs

Make travel and shopping even more fun with Islands Souvenirs creative products, unique designs, festive boutiques and exceptional service. From graphic shirts to colorful trinkets and native delicacies, take the Islands with you!

Location: T1 Domestic North Wing Check-in,T1 Domestic North Wing Pre – Departure,T1 Domestic South Wing Pre-Departure


Nomad, a lifestyle one-stop concept store based in Cebu City, perfectly depicts its name in layman’s term as “wanderer” as it houses a variety of products ranging from local delicacies, local souvenirs, and curated beauty products to cater on every traveller’s souvenir needs. Nomad’s store is vibrantly designed regularly to keep telling new and interesting stories that connects with people in different walks of life.

The ‘pasalubong’ culture has been an integral part of the Filipino culture that brings home anything that will serve as reminiscence of their journey. Nomad shares this culture to every traveller with its carefully curated and unique selection of items associated with the brand made for different lifestyles that best suits our customers. The store is already an experience itself that communicates with anyone who goes inside and discover its assortment.

Nomad strives to have that branded quality experience and convenient shopping environment that speaks for itself.

Location: T1 Domestic South Wing Departure


Born in the heart of Cebu, Philippines, Wagas Ukuleles emerged from humble backyard origins, shaped by Ritchie Wagas' devotion to family and craft. Inspired by Hawaii's renowned ukuleles and his hometown's heritage, Ritchie sculpted an innovative approach, crafting ukuleles from solid blocks of mahogany, ensuring unmatched durability. Each instrument embodies Filipino artistry, from its unique travel, soprano, concert, and tenor to the fresh guitarlele collections. Beyond mere music-makers, every Wagas Ukulele tells a story, capturing the essence of Ritchie's journey and celebrating global appreciation for Filipino craftsmanship. Dive into a world where tradition meets innovation—experience Wagas Ukuleles.

Contact Number: 09662786484
Location: Terminal 1 Pre-Terminal

Service ( Walk - In ) Hours Aerotel Beds Rate Philippine peso Rate USD Extended Hour Rate Philippine peso Extended Hour Rate USD
Solo + (6 hrs) 6 x1 Single Bed 2,200 42 520 10
Solo + (9 hrs) 9 x1 Single Bed 2,800 54 520 10
Double Plus + (6 hrs) 6 2 x Single 3,500 68 675 13
Double Plus + (9 hrs) 9 2 x Single 4,500 87 675 13
Service ( Walk - In ) Unit Price (PHP)
Shower (1 hr) 500
Private Nap & shower package (3 hrs) 1,500
Private Nap & shower package (6 hrs) 2,200
Private Nap & shower package (9 hrs) 2,800
Family Nap & shower package (6 hrs) 3,500
Family Nap & shower package (9 hrs) 4,500