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Casual Dining

Filipino Delights

Aside from its commitment to using fresh local ingredients, what sets Filipino Delights apart is the way it reinvents the classic dishes we all know and love, serving up familiar flavors in exciting and creative ways. If you’re stumped about where to enjoy great food at the airport, you can never go wrong with great Filipino food here.

Location: T1 Domestic South Wing Pre-Departure

Lolo Pinoy Lechon de Cebu

Lechon is undoubtedly Cebu’s iconic dish. Tasting this local fare is a must for every visitor on the island. Among the best Lechon brands in the metro, Lolo Pinoy Lechon de Cebu gets the nod. Aside from their tasty Lechon, they offer a plethora of special Lechon dishes, such as Lechon Paksiw, Sinigang na Lechon, Pritchon and Lechon Sisig. The great news is you don’t have to order the whole roasted pig to try their Lechon! You can simply order by the kilo and have it to go.

Location: T1 Domestic South Wing Pre-Departure

Nippon Ramen

Nippon Ramen offers quintessential Japanese comfort food including ramen noodle soup and rice bento boxes. The signature ramen broth is simmered for hours to develop a rich flavour, available with a range of toppings to cater for all tastes and food preferences.

Location: T1 Domestic Airport Village (Arrival),T1 Domestic South Wing Pre-Departure,T2 International Pre-Departure

Cafe Laguna

"Café Laguna is a dining destination serving quality and authentic Filipino food for over 30 years."

Location: Terminal 1 Airport Village, Terminal 1 North Wing Departure

Casa Verde

Established in August 2002, Casa Verde is a chain of family-owned restaurants in Cebu City. Spanish for "green house". Casaverde's name was influenced by the owners' Spanish roots and the color of the Ramos Branch, which used to be one of the family's ancestral homes. Originally, the Ramos Branch was supposed to be a small canteen that catered to the residents of the 2nd floor dormitory and some students from nearby colleges. Through word-of-mouth and recommendations from family and friends, the humble canteen soon became a full-scale restaurant. After almost a decade and three branches later, Casa Verde has grown into one of Cebu's most popular dining destinations. "Value for money" has always been the restaurant's philosophy. Casa Verde believes that everyone deserves to enjoy great food and quality service at reasonable prices in a comfortable atmosphere. It's casual dining at its best. Casa Verde is the perfect place to let your hair down and enjoy a steak or two with family and friends. The ambiance is simple and casual, with knickknacks and collectibles from the personal collections of the owners. It's also interesting to note that all of the restaurant's signature dishes are named after some member of the family. We bring homestyle comfort food to the next level. The next time you're in the mood for some good food, head on down to the Casa Verde branch nearest you and try our best-selling ribs, mouth-watering steaks, sumptuous pasta, and sinful desserts.

Location: Terminal 1 Arrival - Airport Village

Service ( Walk - In ) Hours Aerotel Beds Rate Philippine peso Rate USD Extended Hour Rate Philippine peso Extended Hour Rate USD
Solo + (6 hrs) 6 x1 Single Bed 2,200 42 520 10
Solo + (9 hrs) 9 x1 Single Bed 2,800 54 520 10
Double Plus + (6 hrs) 6 2 x Single 3,500 68 675 13
Double Plus + (9 hrs) 9 2 x Single 4,500 87 675 13
Service ( Walk - In ) Unit Price (PHP)
Shower (1 hr) 500
Private Nap & shower package (3 hrs) 1,500
Private Nap & shower package (6 hrs) 2,200
Private Nap & shower package (9 hrs) 2,800
Family Nap & shower package (6 hrs) 3,500
Family Nap & shower package (9 hrs) 4,500