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Lost something at Mactan Cebu International Airport? You may contact the Lost & Found Office which is located at Domestic Arrival Area near White Taxi Bay.

The office is operated by GMCAC Security Department. You can make enquiries in person, call or email:

Telephone : (032) 494 7000 loc: 7404
Mobile: 09175737139
Email :

Service hours :
Monday - Friday : 0600H - 2200H
Saturday - Sunday : 0800H - 1700H


When an individual claims to be the rightful owner of the item which have been found, the security office shall:

  • Require from the claimants to present proper identification (any valid government issued ID, passport, driver’s license), precise description of the items lost, probable location where it was lost, approximate time of the loss and, where applicable, proof of ownership.
  • Compare the claim to the register of items found.
  • If satisfied that the claimant is the owner of a found item, hand over the item.
  • Have the claimant signed the Found Register as having received the item.
  • Have a photocopy of the identification card presented.
  • Give the acknowledgement Receipt.

If you are sending a representative to collect the article on your behalf please provide in addition to the above documents:

  • Authorization letter from the passenger with description of the article
  • Photo Identity of the representative (Passport /Pan Card/Driving License/Voter ID card)

NOTE: If you have left anything onboard an aircraft, please contact your airline.