Travelling with kids can be fun and exciting not only because you get them to see places but because you also see these places through their eyes. However, it is long waits at the airport that could get to them and make them cranky. But preparing for such long waits is one important key to making it something substantial and enjoyable especially for the young ones. The Mactan Cebu International Airport may not have many facilities for kids yet but be innovative and you will find a lot of options.

Buy candy at Candy Corner – This sweets shop at the pre-departure area has a myriad of candies and chocolates that can be bought by gram. Because you can pick and mix on your own, the kids will definitely enjoy picking out their favorites.

Swim at Waterfront Hotel’s Pool Aquarius – If time allows it, go across to the Waterfront Hotel and let the kids swim at the pool. This would be an opportune time to let them get some snacks at the poolside Veranda Bar as well.

Window Shop at Souvenir Shops – Exploring souvenir shops gives you the chance to teach them some things about Cebu through the various souvenirs on display. For instance, souvenirs made of sea shells are openers for teaching them about interesting marine life and ocean conservation.

Try the Vending Machine – There are vending machines scattered throughout the airport that sell snacks and drinks. Teach the kids how they operate and see them having fun while they choose their own snacks. It’s an opportunity to teach them about money as well.

Plane Watching – Kids are inherently curious especially about the big flying machines. Watch the planes land and takeoff. Take some pictures if you can.

Reading – Always bring their favorite book when travelling as they will always stay still when their favorite story is read. If they brought their favorite blankie or stuffed toy, find a quiet corner so they can cuddle up and relax. If you failed to bring a book, there is an airport shop selling various books and reading materials.

Watch Movies – Make sure you download a good movie for kids on your laptop or tablet before leaving so they will have an interesting show to watch while waiting. Do not rely on the Wi-Fi connection at the airport as a lot of people will surely be using it.

Do Some Artwork – Bring along crayons, coloring books, empty sheets of paper that the kids can draw on or color. Activity books are a great way to keep them occupied.

Play Games –It would be ideal if you brought cards or small board games or let them play games on your gadgets. Otherwise, you can also make up your own game such as Find An Object.

No matter how long the wait, if you are ready with different options to keep them entertained, the kids will not be bored with waiting. They will always then associate travelling with fun and not with stress.