Airport Facilities

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Facilities for Persons with Disabilities

  • Wheelchair Assistance
  • PWD washroom
  • Ramp passageway & lift
  • Reserved seat
  • Priority call during boarding

List of all services and locations – 24hrs admission, dispense medicine, check-up, first aid medication for a fee applicable to:

International to Domestic - Minimum connect time -1.5hrs (90min)

Domestic to International - Minimum connect time – 1hr (60min)

International to International – Minimum connect time – 1.5hrs (90min)

  • Connections of more than twelve (12) hours is not accepted
  • Not applicable for transfers involving airlines with a codeshare agreement to other airlines
  • Eight (8) counters at the transfer desk
  • Airlines are allocated one (1) counter each
  • Baggage Transfer
  • Early Baggage Storage (EBS)