Airport Facilities

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Travel care-free. The airport clinic is well equipped to take care of any medical emergency you may have.

Our Clinic’s Health Care Agent is Prime Care Cebu Medgruppe Polyclinics & Diagnostic Center Inc. Our medical team consists of six Doctors and nine nurses, operating round the clock.

The clinic at GMCAC is equipped the following facilities:

  • Nurses Station
  • Doctors Consultation Room
  • 2 ER Bed Capacity
  • Minor Operating Room
  • E-Cart and Trauma Station
  • Medication Station
  • Medicine Supplies – Oral and Parental Medications
  • Basic Life Saving Equipment
  • Basic Diagnostic Equipment
  • Basic Trauma Equipment and Supplies

GMCAC Clinic offers the following services:

  • Primary Care (Consultations): The clinic offers doctors on standby to take care of primary health and consultations.
  • Emergency Room (ER) Services: There is an emergency room available at the clinic with 2 beds to handle emergencies at the airport.
  • Minor surgery: Minor surgeries like wound repair can be handled at the airport clinic.
  • Psychiatric Evaluation and counselling services: The airport clinic is equipped with facilities to manage patients with paranoia and cases of panic attacks.
  • Ambulance services: An airport ambulance is always on standby for emergency situations.
  • Occupational services: Various health and wellness programs are provided to our staff at the airport clinic.
  • Routine laboratory testing.
  • Alcohol screening services
  • Employee’s Medical Examination Services: Annual physical examinations and pre-employment testing is done at the airport clinic for the benefit of our staff.
  • Training Services and continuing education program: We continually train our staff on basic first aid, basic life support techniques & Advance Cardiac Life Support.
  • Flight Clearance Services: Medical screening on the go for airlines is provided.
  • ER confinement: The clinic is ready to handle cases of ER confinement if required.

Conditions for availing services at the clinic:

1. For GMR Employee

  • Free of Charge (FOC)
    • Clinic consultation
    • Over the counter drugs – initial dose only
    • Counselling and health teachings ϖVital sign monitoring.
    • BMI taking
    • In cases of work related accident or life threatening conditions, FIRST EMERGENCY DOSE of medication/treatment is FOC
    • Ambulance services
  • Charged to GMR Employee’s Account
    • Prescribed medications such as but not limited to antibiotics, pain killers, cardiac drugs and intravenous therapy after the initial dose.
    • Minor surgery – non emergency or elective
    • Use of emergency medications for non-life threatening condition
    • Dependent’s consultation and/or with ER confinement.

2. For Airline Staff and Airport Concessionaire

  • Consultation Fee and any prescribed medication are under the account of staff

3. For Passengers

  • Consultation Fee and any prescribed medications are under the account of passenger.

4. For PWD / Senior Citizen Clients

  • Entitled to a 20% discount to all clinic services availed of.

General clinic guidelines to patients:

  • LIFE – THREATENING / URGENT CONDITIONS – Emergency Care, 1st dose of emergency drugs and ambulance service to Mactan Doctors’ Hospital is FREE OF CHARGE.
  • NON LIFE-THREATENING / NON URGENT CONDITIONS will be subjected to corresponding clinic charges except the initial dose.
  • Only the Clinic Physician on duty can evaluate and determine the nature of the condition.

Clinic Contact Numbers:

(032) 494-9000 local 5511, (032) 340-2486 local 1652 , Mobile No. 0917 823 1526