To & From Airport

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Getting Between Terminals

We provide a complementary shuttle bus service that transfers passengers between the Domestic and International terminals.

Who Can Avail This Service?

  1. Passengers: Passengers will need to secure a shuttle coupon from the arrival transfer desk / information counter and present it to the bus dispatcher before boarding. Lost passengers in T1 bound for T2 and vice versa, may also avail this service.
  2. Airport Staff - Airport staff may avail this service too.

Operating Hours

The shuttle service is available 24 x 7

Shuttle Frequency & Wait Time

  1. Frequency - Every 15 minutes
  2. The Bus waits for 10 minutes at the arrival pick up points.
  3. There is NO waiting time at the departure drop off points (hop on, hop off only)

Pick up and Drop Off locations

  1. Terminal 1

  2. Arrival forecourt pick up point
    Drop off passengers at Terminal 2 departures.
  3. Terminal 2

  4. Arrival pick up point
    Drop Off passengers at Terminal 1 North Wing departures