backarrow Swab test not mandatory for departing passengers at MCIA

August 30, 2020

GMR MEGAWIDE Cebu Airport Corporation (GMCAC) would like to clarify that the RT-PCR swab testing is NOT mandatory for departing passengers at Mactan-Cebu International Airport.

This service is offered to provide convenience to departing passengers whose intended destinations require a PCR swab test result for entry. Test results are emailed to the passenger within 48 hours.

We strongly advise passengers to check relevant information of their intended destination country and/or city with regard to the following:

1. Testing facility approved by country of destination

RT-PCR swab testing can be done at any DOH-approved facility, but passengers are advised to check if the facility is approved by their intended destination. The MCIA RT-PCR testing laboratory is an approved facility of all countries with current operating flights out of MCIA.

2. Negative PCR test results as an entry requirement

Some foreign countries require passengers travelling from certain countries like the Philippines to obtain a negative RT-PCR test before being allowed to check-in, such as the UAE. There are also some countries that offer testing facilities upon arrival.

Currently, there are also a few Local Government Units (LGU) within the Philippines that require negative COVID-19 certification prior to travel. Some LGUs accept rapid testing while others require RT-PCR testing.

In summary, RT-PCR tests for departing passengers is an OPTIONAL service that is being provided to passengers who need a negative RT-PCR test result to meet the entry requirements of their intended destination. As a standard procedure, passengers must check the specific travel requirements and protocols of their destination before their departure.