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GINTELL Rest N Go is the leading vending massage chair company with over more than 800 locations in Malaysia. Our motto is to provide comfortable and affordable 24 hours massage to all our customer with ease at our designated Rest N Go Station nationwide.

Location: T1 Domestic North Wing Pre-Departure (Gates 4&5 and Gate 25),T1 Domestic South Wing Check-In (Near Heroes Lounge),,T1 Domestic South Wing Pre-Departure (Near Aviator and Near Kiddoland),T2 International Pre-Departure (Near Kiddoland, Near Bon Chon, Near Coffee Bean and Near Cabin Bar)


Stress-away Massage located at MCIAA Domestic and International Pre-Departure is engaged in shiatsu or dry massage service. We offer massage to all passengers while waiting for their flights, it will help them to relax and release their stress from busy work and very tiring day. Our massage is also open for all airport officers and employees and concessionaires. Stress-away Massage therapists are DOH License.

Location: T1 Domestic South Wing Pre-Departure

Service ( Walk - In ) Hours Aerotel Beds Rate Philippine peso Rate USD Extended Hour Rate Philippine peso Extended Hour Rate USD
Solo + (6 hrs) 6 x1 Single Bed 2,200 42 520 10
Solo + (9 hrs) 9 x1 Single Bed 2,800 54 520 10
Double Plus + (6 hrs) 6 2 x Single 3,500 68 675 13
Double Plus + (9 hrs) 9 2 x Single 4,500 87 675 13
Service ( Walk - In ) Unit Price (PHP)
Shower (1 hr) 500
Private Nap & shower package (3 hrs) 1,500
Private Nap & shower package (6 hrs) 2,200
Private Nap & shower package (9 hrs) 2,800
Family Nap & shower package (6 hrs) 3,500
Family Nap & shower package (9 hrs) 4,500